We are your trusted advisors helping you navigate the ever-evolving legal landscape. 

Today's attorneys face continually shifting market forces which create ever-evolving sources of instability (and opportunity).  As a result, success now requires more than just deep technical expertise and a well-developed practice.  Rather, today's attorneys must actively monitor the latest developments in the market and continually take stock of their strategic positioning.  

Recruiters should be able to help - their position in the market is capable of providing them with a uniquely informed perspective.  Most modern recruiters, however, have implemented impersonal, high-volume, database-driven recruiting models designed to serve their own interests rather than your own.   

Madison West is different.  
We are not a transactional counter-party - we are a long-term partner that can help you navigate every phase of your career.

Most of the attorneys we work with are not looking to make a move when they first meet with us.  Rather, they recognize the value in developing a relationship with a high-quality career advisor.  Unlike many recruiters, we are not here to pressure you, or sell you on any particular opportunity, but rather, to serve as an invaluable ongoing resource to help you better understand where you are today, what short and long-term goals you may want to pursue, and how best to achieve those goals.

We are here to listen to you, to share information with you, and to work with you to identify the right opportunity, whether that opportunity exists today or arises months or even years from now.  In many instances, we work to create opportunities specifically for the attorneys with whom we work.  

Accordingly, we want to talk to you, and get to know you, before you need us - so that we can work most productively together when you do.