A better approach to your career.

In today's technology-driven world, much of modern legal recruiting has devolved into an impersonal, high-volume, database-driven activity.  Rather than providing accurate information and sound guidance to attorneys who need it now more than ever, most recruiters focus on capturing the most candidates, or being the first to reach out about a particular opportunity, oftentimes without knowing much, if anything, about the opportunity, the market, or even the profession itself.     

We study the market, we know the players, and we can provide critical insights that will help you achieve your unique career goals and objectives.

At Madison West, we partner with only a select set of attorneys to ensure we are able to invest the time to get to know you, your goals, and your values.  Most of the attorneys that we work with are not looking to make a move when we first meet.  Rather, they recognize the value in developing a relationship with a high-quality career advisor who can provide valuable information and perspective.      


We have built close, trusted relationships with key decision-makers, forged over years of consistently delivering superior service and proven results.  We can leverage these relationships to help you achieve your goals.


We study the legal market, and the long-term trends that will shape your experience.  We know the firms, and more importantly, the people that make up those firms.  We know the practice groups, and whether they are on the rise, or on the decline.  We know the law, and we can leverage that knowledge to help you succeed.

Long-term PartnerSHIPS

Successful candidates and happy firms lead to repeat business, and we are not going anywhere.  Accordingly, we are not in the business of moving people - we are in the business of unlocking value and driving success.