There are no barriers to entry in recruiting, which places the burden on you to qualify the recruiter with whom you intend to work.  The unfortunate reality is that many 'recruiters' are effectively call center employees regurgitating boilerplate, publicly available information from firm websites so that they can do little more than forward your information to firms.  

In our view, this approach does not add any value.

When you are considering engaging with a recruiter, it may be helpful to consider the following:

Q:  Did this recruiter previously practice?  Do they even have a law degree?
A:  Our recruiters worked at leading law firms and led in house corporate legal departments before taking leadership positions with top global recruiting firms.  

Q:  Is this recruiter actually on the ground in the market, or are they sitting on a beach somewhere sending out spam email?
A:  Our recruiters are here, on the ground, meeting daily with firm leaders, hiring partners, recruiting managers, and attorneys. 

Q:  Aside from submitting your materials to law firms or corporations, what value does this person add to your process?
A:  Our recruiters work with a select number of attorneys on an individualized, targeted basis.  We partner with you throughout the entirety of the process (and beyond) to assist you in achieving your optimal outcome.    

Q:  Does this person offer any real insight into the market, the profession, career paths, etc?  Does this person know decision-makers in the local market?  Do they know attorneys in the practice groups they are describing?
A:  Our recruiters know the attorneys with whom you would be interviewing and/or working.  We know the hiring partners and recruiting coordinators who manage the process.  Most importantly, we get to know you, your interests, and your goals, both short and long-term.